Increasing Optimism Workshop with Cara Maksimow

In conjunction with the Turning Optimism Into Action Speaker Series:

Join author, therapist & life coach Cara Maksimow for a special workshop, "Increasing Optimism:: Happier, Healthier, More Productive YOU!"

Staying productive and optimistic, specifically in times of transition and change can be difficult for some. Our productivity and performance can be affected by increased
stress during challenging times. Higher levels of optimism have been shown to increase productivity, performance and success.

Contrary to what many people believe, our level of optimism and resilience can be increased with simple everyday steps.In the workshop, Cara will share clinical
study data on how by increasing levels of optimism, people can live happier, healthier, longer and be more productive each day.

You'll be introduced to 5 key elements of Positive Psychology and discuss how those elements can be better integrated into your everyday with cognitive behavioral and positive psychology-based tools.

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