Lose That Mommy Guilt Workshop with Cara Maksimow, LCSW, CPC

In celebration of Mother’s Day, this free workshop is for moms who find themselves feeling the stress or guilt that comes from high demands of parenting. In this hour we will discuss the fallacy of “perfect” and explore the differences between expectations and reality, and how those differences affect emotions and resiliency. You will learn self-care practices based in mindfulness-based stress reduction, cognitive behavioral therapy and positive psychology to help you lose the guilt and feel more confident today.

About the Expert:
Cara Maksimow, LCSW, CPC is a NJ Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Coach, Speaker and Author of the book, “Lose That Mommy Guilt.” She is dedicated to helping others successfully navigate through times of stress and challenge as the founder of Maximize Wellness Counseling and Coaching LLC located in Chatham and Summit NJ. She has a collaborative, supportive and strengths-based approach to therapy, using an eclectic mix of positive psychology, mindfulness-based stress reduction CBT, and DBT to help others feel confident, more optimistic and resilient. More information can be found at www.maximize-wellness.com